Mobile Forensics

In the hustle bustle life of the modern day human, we all have some form of mobile device to communicate with the outside world. Tablets, Smartphones and cellphones have become our favoured means of communicating, capturing media, navigating, connecting to social media, instant messaging and so much more.

People across the globe are currently walking in and out of every household, office, crime scene and country’s borders with data in their pocket, in their bag or on their hip without hardly any thought given to the value of the data and potential evidence, not only to a person or company’s security, but forensic investigative process.

At Exactech we have the knowledge and expertise to extract data from mobile devices in a forensically sound manner that will stand up to any formal judicial enquiry.

We use sound and trusted techniques that will extract a data from a device that includes calls incoming calls, received calls, missed calls, emails, Skype history, emails, photos, audio files, phone history, Internet history, GPS data, deleted data (dependent on the device), log files, etc.