According to the ‘Fraud Advisory Panel’ annual report of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales…

  • “The two main problems in the fraud prevention battle are lack of awareness and lack of training.”
  • “The starting point of any comprehensive anti-fraud strategy is training business people in attitudes, procedures and techniques designed to minimize fraud risks and deter problems at an early stage. In other words, prevention rather than cure.”
  • “The development of a corporate anti-fraud culture requires serious and sustained training. Yet little progress in the marketplace can be reported since the Panel ’s 1999 survey which revealed serious deficiencies in the programmes run by business, educational institutions and the professions.”

Even though so much emphasis is placed on fraud awareness and training, many organisations simply don’t do enough. These organisations are, according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, losing an average of 5% of their annual turnovers to fraud yet they have excuses such as ‘no budget’ or ‘no management buy-in’!

If these managers were held accountable for fraud losses it would be a very different story! This lack of accountability is what tends to lead to such weak excuses.

Anyway we commend those proactive organisations that do take the fraud threat seriously and who do regularly train their members and staff.

We do training from the classroom…


To the boardroom…


And we have done training in countries such as Namibia, Zambia, Lesotho, Botswana, Mauritius, Tanzania, UAE, USA, Canada and Europe. Here we are training the Auditor General staff in Mauritius…


When we do training for membership organisations such as SAICA, the IIA, ACFE and Cima, the events are held in posh hotels like the Sandton Sun…


But there are times where we have to improvise as there is no projector or no screen at the client’s premises….


This presentation was done at a warehouse where there was no screen and no wall so we used the side of a truck as the screen!

Often we go to mines or construction sites and have to educate blue-collar workers about ethics, their hotline, etc. and we do so literally ‘under the trees’!


If you have a group of employees, managers or directors who need to hear an important ethics, fraud or compliance message, we will find a creative way to get it to them!

 “If you think training is expensive, how much do you think ignorance is costing your organisation?” – Unknown

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