Does your organization run the risk of fraud? If the answer is YES, then Forensic Data Analytics (FDA) is the answer!

The explosion in the availability of data and analysis tools provides increasing opportunities for improved business decisions. Processes, measures and analytics create an important view of an organization and its performance.

Data analytics is the science of examining raw data with the purpose of drawing conclusions about that information. Data analytics is used by companies and organizations to make better business decisions and to verify or disprove existing models or theories.

Forensic Data Analysis is used to proactively prevent and detect fraud, waste and abuse by leveraging into your organization’s data assets.

We achieve success by combining our investigative knowledge with advanced analytical techniques such as data linking and predictive modeling.

With Forensic Data Analysis we have the ability to identify patterns and trends that would not be visible to the human eye. We also use Forensic Data Analysis to assist you to predict the likelihood of a future event occurring. We do this by building on an understanding of your organisation’s historical information.

We have the expertise and capacity to analyse data from complex databases in support of litigation, anti-fraud and misconduct.

Our Forensic Data Analytics Services include, but are not limited to:

  •  Activity / access logs
  •  Banking and finance
  •  Cost recovery
  •  Data integrity / cleansing
  •  Energy trades
  •  Health care regulation and compliance
  •  Inventory
  •  Joint interest billings
  •  Journal entry analysis
  •  Payroll and Human Resources
  •  Procure-to-pay
  •  Purchase card
  •  Revenue
  • Sales and use tax

Predictive Forensic Data Analysis will not only help your organization better manage risks but will also help to take advantage of unidentified opportunities to explore areas of improvement and potential growth

Effective analysis is about linking measures to process improvement initiatives, using analytics outputs to drive day to day activities, and applying business insight.  This process begins with ensuring that data is clean and reliable.

We assist organization with data cleansing by:

  • De-duping – removing duplicate records;
  • Moving data entered in the wrong field to the correct field;
  • Verifying postal addresses, e-mail addresses and phone numbers; and
  • Correcting misspelled names, addresses, etc. where possible.
  • Data cleansing, when performed by the right external data services provider, will cut down on the number of bounce backs, postal returns and wrong numbers which will give a boost to your list performance KPI’s.

At EXACTECH, we can provide a solution to your unorganized and convoluted data by cleansing, consolidating, and classifying all of your business’ documents. When we finish, your cleansed data will yield better search results, provide easier access to information and increase your employee’s efficiency.

Our methodology takes 2 different approaches depending on the requirements presented on the project.  We either adopt a simple or complex process as described below.

Simple Process

At its most simple form, this involves a person or persons reading through a set of records and verifying their accuracy. Typos and spelling errors are corrected, mislabeled data is properly labeled and filed, and incomplete or missing entries are completed. These operations often purge out-of-date or unrecoverable records so that they do not take up space and cause inefficient operations.

Complex Process

In more complex operations we perform this process using computer programs. Our preferred tool is ACL, due to its wide use and reliability in IT Audits. Our analysts are also proficient in SAS, SQL and iDea.

Exactech Data Cleansing and Analysis Methodology

These programs can check the data with a variety of rules and procedures decided upon by the user. A program could be set to delete all records that have not been updated within the previous five years, correct any misspelled words and delete any duplicate copies. A more complex program might be able to fill in a missing city based on a correct postal code or change the prices of all items in a database to another type of currency.  We will use such tools to cleans Bushbuckridge Local Municipality data as per your requirements.

Our approach includes the following key steps:

Our 5-Step methodology can be best summarized as below:

1. Cleanse: Over time duplicate copies of files are created and passed around. We manually sort through your documents and remove all duplicate files. This slims your database and increases document retrieval speed.

2. Consolidate: Data can be scattered across your systems without any rules or structure. After ensuring that all duplicate files have been removed from your system, we sort through your data bringing together all related files. This can be an important step in identifying missing documents and revisions.

3. Data Scrubbing: Data scrubbing, a form of data cleansing, is a process by which each document is opened and all errors and missing or updated information is entered. This can include contact information, title blocks and even naming conventions.

4. Indexing: By creating an index of your data we can transform it from unstructured to structured. We will identify key information from each file and compile it into tables that can easily be uploaded into your system allowing it to intelligently organize, search for and retrieve each of your documents.

5. Migration: After your data has been fully cleansed our document technicians can upload or migrate your information into a pre-existing or new document management system for easy access and retrieval.

This process can be customized to suite your needs.

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