edas-fox-ultimate-investigator-forensic-computer-frontEDAS FOX Forensic Computers

The E.D.A.S F.O.X (Electronic Discovery Analysis System Forensically Optimized for eXploitations) is the good news Digital Forensic Investigators have been waiting for.

Every investigator, has at some time or another had to set up and configure a computer system that would serve as an analysis and evidence processing workstation, only to find out that either the system’s hardware was not properly specified, or that storage, RAID arrays, memory, and more, have not been correctly configured. It might also just be, that being a great investigator, does not mean that you are a computer hardware guru. In short, translating forensic software system requirements into evidence crunching work horses and noticeable processing results, is no easy feat.

As investigators, we have enough on our plates without having to worry about, whether or not the budget that has been spent on forensic systems, will actually be able to deliver on the capabilities of the software we have invested in. Luckily for us, we no longer have to. The Investigator series’ of forensic computers from FOX are game changers and are for the first time available in Africa through Exactech.

The EDAS FOX forensic computer systems are designed and built from the ground up with forensic software and the investigator in mind. As an example, the EDAS FOX Ultimate Investigator is designed specifically for AccessData’s FTK, boasting an SSD RAID Array, Error Checking Memory, 6 cores of Intel Xeon processing power, a Tableau Forensic Bridge and includes software such as HTCI Labs’ Data Analysis Reporting Tool (DART) which allows for complete cell phone rip analysis capability, without any further equipment required.

If that has not completely grabbed your attention, FOX back their talk up with not only performance benchmarks, but guarantee that you will not find a better machine for a better price and give you a 3 year warranty on every system purchased. That is some serious talk, but we would expect nothing less from a company serious on delivering the best forensic computers in the market.

For more information and pricing on EDAS FOX Forensic Computers, please contact Amos Mtshali on 011 475 2525 or mail Exactech on info@exactech.co.

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