Exactech Pty Ltd is an international company specializing in Digital Forensics, Information Security and Fraud Prevention & Detection. Exactech has operations in North America, South Africa and Swaziland. The company provides services to clients from across the globe, with a strong focus on the African continent and the United States of America

Our primary mission is to help organizations improve their fraud (white-collar & cyber crimes) resistance levels and thus become more profitable. Secondary to that is to make a positive contribution in ethics in business at our clients and society in general. At Exactech, we provide the client with a step-by-step program that they can follow to build a ‘resistance pathway’ that will assist them building their organization back to its viable and sustainable state.

History and Office Locations

Exactech was formed in 2007 by Antonio Pooe. The primary focus was Digital Forensic services. In January 2008, the Fraud Prevention and Detection focus was established by Mario Fazekas and was aligned with the Cyber Forensic service solution to bring a more holistic approach to Fraud Risk Management. In March 2011 Exactech expanded its services to include Information Security solutions.  Through this leg of the business, we now offer ethical hacking/attack and penetration testing, application/database/network security audits, general vulnerability assessments and compliance consultancy work.

In January 2012, Exactech extended its reach to Swaziland and USA, through the establishment of satellite offices in Mbabane and Utah respectively. This gives Exactech a global reach and is a move towards becoming a trusted global provider of fraud risk management services.